About the NRCCTE


Learn more about mission of the NRCCTE in this video: An Introduction to the Mission and Activities of the National Research Center for Career and Technical Education with Director Jim Stone (video; closed captioned)



The National Research Center for Career and Technical Education (NRCCTE) at the University of Louisville is committed to providing evidence-based solutions to the most vexing problems confronting CTE today, including how to better engage students in the school experience; how to improve academic as well as technical achievement; and how to improve the transition of college and career ready young people from high school to continuing education beyond high school.

To this end, the NRCCTE carries out scientifically based research and evaluation of methods to improve

  • the integration of CTE with academic instruction
  • the integration of secondary and postsecondary CTE
  • the use of education technology and distance learning
  • the transition of CTE participants to high-skill, high-wage, or high-demand occupations
  • the use of state-adjusted levels of performance to improve CTE programs and student achievement