Jim's Corner

Jim Stone, Director of the NRCCTE at SREB, regularly posts his reflections on the latest news from the field here in his Jim’s Corner blog. Jim’s wide-ranging commentaries on CTE-related issues have addressed such topics as national and international CTE practices, workforce development, the labor market and changing global economy, the role and impact of technology, and the perils and pitfalls of the “college for all” approach to education.

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The U.S. in once again in the throes of wishing it had a robust apprenticeship system for youth (anyone recall School-to-Work?) like those that we see in many other countries.Best UK PayPal Casinos for 2020




For many graduating high school students, college is their presumed next step. For many if not most students, college has become the default work preparation in the United States.

The latest NCES survey of CTE programs in public school districts is a wake-up call to federal and state funding agencies and employers.

A recent study from researchers at the Fordham Institute has taken advantage of a robust dataset from Arkansas.

A new special issue of the Peabody Journal of Education examines the important role of career and technical education in helping young people transition to life as productive citizens in a rapidly evolving labor market.