New journal special issue tackles the future of CTE

New journal special issue tackles the future of CTE

Dear Colleagues:

Unlike many, if not most, other industrialized nations, U.S. education lacks formal structures-- like apprenticeships-- that facilitate the transition of youth from secondary education to the workplace.

A new special issue of the Peabody Journal of Education examines the important role of career and technical education in helping young people transition to life as productive citizens in a rapidly evolving labor market.

The issue begins with a brief introduction to CTE and seeks to frame the discussion that follows. Throughout the issue, various authors (including yours truly) address a range of topics that are critical to CTE, including curriculum, career readiness, work-based learning, teachers and career pathways. The issue concludes with an overview of the history of federal CTE policy and what the future may bring.

I wanted to share with you a few of the articles in this special issue. One caveat - the publisher limits free article access to the first 50 downloads, so act now! This really is a limited-time offer!

Stone, J. R., III. (2017). Introduction to Pathways to a Productive Adulthood: The Role of CTE in the American High School.

Castellano, M., Sundell, K. E., & Richardson, G. B. (2017). Achievement Outcomes Among High School Graduates in College and Career Readiness Programs of Study.

Stringfield, S., & Stone, J. R. III. (2017). The Labor Market Imperative for CTE: Changes and Challenges for the 21st Century.

You'll find links to the other articles in this issue here.

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