New research shows positive impacts of CTE

New research shows positive impacts of CTE

Dear Colleagues,

A recent study from researchers at the Fordham Institute has taken advantage of a robust dataset from Arkansas. In a sophisticated analysis of student high school transcripts, postsecondary enrollment and labor market data, researchers learned that:

  • Students with greater exposure to CTE were more likely to graduate from high school, enroll in a two-year college, be employed and earn higher wages.
  • CTE is not a path away from college: Students taking more CTE classes were just as likely to pursue a four-year degree as their peers.
  • Students who focused their CTE coursework were more likely to graduate high school — by twenty-one percentage points compared to students who were otherwise similar. (Researchers saw positive impacts on other outcomes as well.)
  • CTE provided the greatest boost to the students who need it most — boys and students from low-income families.

I encourage you to read the study and hope you are enjoying your summer.