Jim's Corner

Jim Stone, Director of the NRCCTE at SREB, regularly posts his reflections on the latest news from the field here in his Jim’s Corner blog. Jim’s wide-ranging commentaries on CTE-related issues have addressed such topics as national and international CTE practices, workforce development, the labor market and changing global economy, the role and impact of technology, and the perils and pitfalls of the “college for all” approach to education.

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As you know, one of the perennial challenges for CTE leadership is finding qualified teachers.

As 2016 winds down, I'd like to share with you a story from the Baltimore Sun. It illustrates two principles: (1) middle-skill jobs exist and are needed in our economy and (2) a career pathway leading to occupations that pay a family-sustaining wage can begin in high school.

In a recently published manuscript in the journal of Vocations and Learning, NRCCTE researchers examined the effects of career pathway programs of study on high school achievement outcomes and found that participation in a career pathway program of study improved students’ probability of graduation by more than 11 percent.

As you know, Perkins reauthorization is moving through Congress. But did you know there is no support for a CTE research agenda?

Here is an interesting news feature from the Hechinger Report on how one state – Kentucky – is truly providing options for high school students.