Jim's Corner

Jim Stone, Director of the NRCCTE at SREB, regularly posts his reflections on the latest news from the field here in his Jim’s Corner blog. Jim’s wide-ranging commentaries on CTE-related issues have addressed such topics as national and international CTE practices, workforce development, the labor market and changing global economy, the role and impact of technology, and the perils and pitfalls of the “college for all” approach to education.

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Reports from industry are good resources to consider when developing career pathways.

The Journal of School & Society, an online publication of The John Dewey Society, just published an issue devoted entirely to the future of vocational education (career and technical education).

Many of you are working to improve the focus of career pathways and starting with labor market data is one strategy toward this end. Although local data will allow you to fine tune your programs’ focus, it is also useful to understand the national picture.

If business is investing in a particular education focus, it is probably important.

In a recent post, I shared with you reports of a resurgence in U.S. manufacturing. The return of manufacturing jobs, referred to as “in-shoring” or “on-shoring,” has been celebrated in the press and in the political sphere and has led to new and expanded education programs across the country.