Dual Enrollment

Online Casino  stroke-of-luck logoA major emphasis of programs of study/career pathways, dual or concurrent enrollment programs allow high school students to take college-level courses either at their high school or on a college campus. Originally targeted toward high-achieving students looking to challenge themselves with college courses and earn postsecondary credits while still in high school, dual enrollment has come to be seen as a transition strategy that can help keep all students engaged in school, save them money on college tuition and fees, and ultimately shorten their time to degree.

Past NRCCTE-affiliated research (Karp et al., 2007; Kotamraju, 2005) has found positive effects for the impact of dual enrollment programs on student outcomes, including higher rates of postsecondary enrollment, higher grade point averages at the postsecondary level, higher rates of persistence in postsecondary education, and more postsecondary credits earned.

Dual enrollment is a major focus of the NRCCTE’s field-based research on programs of study/career pathways.

Dual Enrollment Research Studies: