Jim Stone Cited on the Value of CTSOs

Jim Stone Cited on the Value of CTSOs


NRCCTE at SREB director Jim Stone was cited in a November 27, 2018 article in The 74, "When Co-Curriculars Spark Careers: Over 80 Years, How ‘Career and Technical Student Organizations’ Have Evolved From Bricklaying to Business Management to Robotics."

The article describes the evolving role and impact of CTSOs on students' preparation for careers and college.

There are nearly a dozen CTSO groups, and most have been around for decades, preparing students for jobs after high school by adding hands-on training to their academic work. But as the workforce has changed, so have the organizations and the students they serve. Whereas the majority of students in the 1960s could enter the middle class with only a high school diploma, now the majority of well-paying jobs belong to those with at least a bachelor’s degree.

That’s why the CTSOs of today teach not just technical skills but also soft skills — leadership qualities like collaboration and communication that businesses today say are necessary for the modern workforce. They also serve a student population that is now more likely to go to college, so their programs must cater to those who want to pursue higher education as well as careers.

The article is part of a series of Future of Work stories sponsored by Pearson exploring how automation and evolving economic forces are impacting education from kindergarten through college.