Power Up Your CTE Curricula!

Power Up Your CTE Curricula!


Over 50 secondary and postsecondary educators and administrators from 10 states joined us for our first PowerUp! combined professional development event on February 22 and 23, 2013, here at the NRCCTE in Louisville. PowerUp! was designed to combine sessions on our three research-based PD models - Math-in-CTE, Literacy-in-CTE, and CTEDDI - into a single transformative, hands-on PD experience.

After an introduction from the NRCCTE's Director Jim Stone and Deputy Director Donna Pearson, PowerUp! featured introductory sessions led by our expert facilitators, including John Foster and Rae Lees (NOCTI, CTEDDI), Travis Park (Cornell University, Literacy-in-CTE), and Mary Fudge (NRCCTE, Math-in-CTE). Hands-on breakout sessions were held on the individual PD models.

NRCCTE PD can help you meet evaluations of your school, your teaching, and your students' learning with confidence and a clear, shared plan for creating lasting change. Past participants agree that our research-based PD models have a powerful impact on student engagement and achievement, enrich classroom instruction, and create supportive communities of practice.

Questions about our professional development models? Contact us at nrccte@nrccte.org