Utah North Part of Statewide Plan

Utah North Part of Statewide Plan


After a year of successful implementation, Utah is expanding the Math-in-CTE model to a regional format that spans the entire state. Three regions (North, South, and Salt Lake City) are all working with NRCCTE facilitators to enhance the math in the Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) curriculum. A number of teachers and administrators used their experience from the 2010-2011 implementation to serve as local facilitators.

The Northern Utah regional summer professional development held in June of 2011 focused on Foods I and II and Clothing I and II. Organizers provided daily door prizes, ranging from water bottles to an overnight stay at a local bed and breakfast.

“As a math teacher, I have realized that I need to incorporate more real-life problems. I usually feel like we do not have time to spend on too many of these problems because they take so long for the students to work through. I will definitely do it this year because I know that it is worth the time,” said one Utah teacher participating in the training.

The FACS teachers learned the importance of recognizing and teaching embedded math concepts using correct mathematical terms and calculations; they also developed extended applications to assist students in bridging the gap between traditional classroom math and career-infused mathematics. Both FACS and math educators benefited from lesson development collaboration, as math teachers learned new ways to incorporate career-oriented math into their classroom experience for students.

Pictured in the photo above are math educator Jennifer Tanner (left) and FACS teacher Gail Ferrin (right) as they work to complete their lesson plan for presentation to whole group participating in the Math-in-CTE professional development.