NRCCTE Launches Five-Part Video Series and Webinar on Math-In-CTE Curriculum Integration Model

NRCCTE Launches Five-Part Video Series and Webinar on Math-In-CTE Curriculum Integration Model

Louisville, KY

In response to hundreds of requests from CTE educators and school administrators across the United States for more information about its Math-in-CTE curriculum integration professional development model, the National Research Center for Career and Technical Education (NRCCTE) at the University of Louisville announces the launch of five videos about the model. The launch is being paired with a webinar with model developers and video participants on March 29, 2012.

Filmed in schools, classrooms, and other sites in Arlington, VA, Detroit, MI, and Eugene, OR, the five videos include a comprehensive introduction to Math-in-CTE, an in-depth look at the experiences of the Arlington Career Center in implementing the model, and three sample lessons (Aviation, Information Technology, and Cashiering) taught by real Math-in-CTE teachers demonstrating the model in action with their students.

CTE teachers engaged in the Math-in-CTE professional development work in communities of practice with math teacher partners to enhance the naturally occurring math in their content areas. The lessons developed by the CTE and math teacher partners help students learn math in context and make their CTE courses a vehicle for building essential skills.

“My job as a STEM education specialist is to develop and implement integrative curricula, largely through project-based learning and problem-based learning, wherever I see opportunities. So you can imagine the Math-in-CTE model is a very comfortable fit for me. I think it could be for any school district. I think if you are looking at authentic assessments, teaching for meaning, and truly transformative experiences for both teachers and students, it’s a wonderful process and worth every minute invested in planning and implementation,” said Jim Egenrieder, STEM Education Specialist, Arlington Public Schools, Arlington, VA.

Donna Pearson, co-principal investigator of the Math-in-CTE study, Mary Fudge, Math-in-CTE lead facilitator, and video participants will conduct a webinar about the model and the series on Thursday, March 29, 2012 from 2:30 – 4:00 PM EDT.

The Math-in-CTE curriculum integration model is founded upon an experimental research study conducted by the NRCCTE that included nearly 3,000 students and 200 teachers in nine states. The study demonstrated that the model’s carefully designed pedagogy and curriculum framework significantly improved students’ math performance on standardized tests of mathematics and community college math placement tests. Moreover, students improved their math skills without losing the important technical skills needed for college and career readiness.

The NRCCTE has moved the compelling results of this study into practice through its Math-in-CTE professional development, available nationally since 2006. Nearly 30 states and large districts

have improved the math skills of more than 17,000 CTE students using Math-in-CTE. To learn more about participating in Math-in-CTE and the NRCCTE’s research and professional development offerings related to curriculum integration, visit

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