Curriculum Maps


The Math-in-CTE professional development model is not a curriculum; instead, it is a process, organized around a set of five core principles, through which CTE and math teachers working in teams learn how to enhance the math that naturally occurs in their CTE curricula. Math-in CTE professional development always begins with curriculum mapping. In this process, CTE teachers examine the CTE concepts they teach, then work with math teacher partners to identify embedded math intersections and create a curriculum map. Once the map is complete, the CTE and math teacher teams select from within it one or more CTE concepts and related math concepts to develop into CTE lesson plans.

Sample curriculum maps and associated lesson plans containing linked CTE and Common Core math standards from selected career cluster areas are available through the links below. Maps for other career clusters will be available at a later date.

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications

Education and Training

Government and Public Administration

Human Services

Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security