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NRCCTE researchers actively publish in a range of peer-reviewed scholarly journals and popular field publications, including Techniques, the award-winning official magazine of the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE).

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Journal & Magazine Articles

Natalie Stipanovic, Morgan V. Lewis, and Sam Stringfield
International Journal of Educational Reform

This article provides a broad overview of the history of career-focused education in the United States and the reauthorization of the federal Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006. Learn more.

Julia L. Sharp, Catherine Mobley, Cathy Hammond, Cairen Withington, Sam Drew, Sam Stringfield, and Natalie Stipanovic
Journal of Mixed Methods Research

The flexibility of mixed methods research strategies makes such approaches especially suitable for multisite case studies. Yet the utilization of mixed methods to select sites for these studies is rarely reported.

Kirsten Sundell, Marisa Castellano, Laura Overman, and Oscar Aliaga

Rigorous Tests of Student Outcomes in CTE Programs of Study, a longitudinal study, was designed to estimate the impact of POS on high school students' academic and technical achievement outcomes through the completion of high school.

Corinne Alfeld and Sharika Bhattacharya

As POS are relatively new, in name if not in practice, research evidence on their implementation and effectiveness is still in progress.

Rob Shumer and Cynthia Digby

This article describes one of the NRCCTE's two qualitative investigations of POS, Six Stories About Six States: Programs of Study. This project, now concluded, focused on how POS were developed, and especially on how technical assistance was provided to strengthen and improve them.