Our wide-ranging podcast series, Career-Technical Education Research News, features interviews and discussions with NRCCTE researchers carrying out field research as well as real CTE administrators, educators, and others engaged in the NRCCTE’s evidence-based professional development activities. All of our podcasts are available through this site.


Travis Park, Principal Investigator of the Authentic Literacy-in-CTE research project and director of the NRCCTE's Literacy-in-CTE curriculum integration technical assistance and professional development model, spoke with Crystal Persi, an Early Childhood Education teacher at Willamette High School in Eugene, Oregon, and Kristin Gunson, the CTE regional coordinator for Lane Education Service District, Oregon, about their experiences with Literacy-in-CTE, which was available as a Jump-Start pre-session (November 16) at the ACTE convention in St. Louis.

John Foster, President and CEO of NOCTI, and Debra Andrews, CTE Consultant in Technical Skills Standards and Assessment for the Maine Department of Education, chatted with Catherine Imperatore of ACTE about the NRCCTE’s CTEDDI (Career and Technical Educators using Data-Driven Improvement) model, which was available as a Jump-Start pre-session (November 16) at the ACTE convention in St. Louis.

This new project, A Cross-Study Examination of Programs of Study, was designed to examine selected programs and sites from each of the Center's three field-based, longitudinal studies of POS that had the most mature, well-established programs relative to other study sites as a means of identifying common elements or attributes that led to the successful implementation of POS.

NRCCTE Deputy Director Pradeep Kotamraju and a workgroup consisting of researchers, data experts, and policymakers have been regularly meeting to work on the NRCCTE's Perkins Crosswalk Validation Project, an evolving multi-state, multi-institutional collaborative effort seeking (1) greater consistency and clarity in Perkins secondary and postsecondary data collection and reporting, (2) a common data crosswalk that links occupations to educational programs, career clusters, and career pathways, and (3) a foundation for more standardized accountability requirements in later iterations of the Perkins legislation.

The NRCCTE is preparing to launch a new joint report containing the most recent results from its four field-based studies of Programs of Study (POS). Morgan Lewis, co-author of the Center's 2008 literature review on POS, lent his expertise to this report by synthesizing findings from each of these studies.