Our wide-ranging podcast series, Career-Technical Education Research News, features interviews and discussions with NRCCTE researchers carrying out field research as well as real CTE administrators, educators, and others engaged in the NRCCTE’s evidence-based professional development activities. All of our podcasts are available through this site.


Catherine Imperatore of ACTE spoke with the principal investigators of the Online Occupational Education in Community Colleges project: Rod Githens, University of Louisville; Fashaad Crawford, Kent State University; and Kristin B. Wilson, University of Louisville.

Catherine Imperatore of ACTE recently spoke with Tom Thompson of the Office of Educational Improvement and Innovation in the Oregon Department of Education about green-focused Programs of Study. Oregon was one of five states that participated in the Academy for Educational Development’s Technical Assistance Academy for green-focused Programs of Study. During the interview, Thompson describes how the state's green-focused Programs of Study was developed with business and industry cooperation.

Catherine Imperatore of ACTE recently spoke with Liz van der Mandele, who works with Travis Park, principal investigator of Authentic Literacy Applications in CTE: Helping All Students Learn. This study seeks to determine the impact of disciplinary literacy strategies on the reading comprehension and motivation to read for students enrolled in CTE courses by comparing the effects of literacy strategy instruction under two models of content area reading interventions and a control condition.

Catherine Imperatore recently spoke with Ray Hasart, the CTE Regional Coordinator for Oregon's High Desert Education Service District, on the recommendation of the NRCCTE's partners at NOCTI. Although Oregon was not one of the 5 states participating in NOCTI's NRCCTE-funded study of professional development for CTE educators on the use of assessment data, the NOCTI team consulted with the state in order to arrive at a baseline understanding of how the nation's CTE programs have been using data for professional development.

Marisa Castellano and Kirsten Sundell, co-principal investigators of the Rigorous Tests of Student Outcomes in CTE Programs of Study (POS) project, recently completed a round of site visits in for their study, most recently in District 1, one of the randomized controlled trial sites in their three-state/district study.