NRCCTE researchers and staff regularly make presentations and give papers at national and international conferences, conventions, meetings, and special invited sessions.


NRCCTE at SREB director James R. Stone III delivered this keynote address at the Alaska ACTE Professional Development Conference, "Alaska ACTE: Building a State of Collaboration," at the Anchorage Marriott Downtown, on Wednesday, October 21, 2015.

The National Research Center for Career and Technical Education has completed four studies designed to assess if or how well programs of study work. This session shared the results of these studies and highlighted what is working and what is not.

NRCCTE Director James R. Stone III discussed career development and exploration as a fundamental component of preparing college- and career-ready students in this keynote presentation made at the 2014 ACTE conference in Nashville, TN.

Education reform policy discussions are increasingly dominated by two themes: college and career readiness and the Common Core State Standards.  The Common Core standards were designed to address the level of abilities students should reach prior to receiving their high school diploma in order to be college and career ready. Forty-five states and three territories have adopted these standards into their curriculum. In this paper, the authors sought to determine the mathematics knowledge and skills students need to be college and career ready.

In this session introduced by James R. Stone III at ACTE's VISION 2013 convention, Tom Thompson and Kristin Gunson of the Oregon Department of Education described the Oregon Applied Academics Project. The on-going success of the NRCCTE’s Math-in-CTE model served as a catalyst for the development of this new problem-based approach to teaching high school mathematics in the state of Oregon, where more than 140 teachers in over 50 schools have been involved in Math-in-CTE since 2006.