The NRCCTE produces and publishes videos that highlight and explore issues of urgency to both the field of CTE and the nation’s higher education system, recovering economy, and evolving labor market, addressing such topics as programs of study/career pathways, curriculum integration of CTE and academic content knowledge and skills, postsecondary student retention and completion, and professional development for educators in the areas of data use for program improvement and support for alternatively certified CTE educators.


The NRCCTE is developing two professional development models focused on improving secondary CTE that address: supporting teachers entering the profession through alternative routes and the use of technical assessment data to drive instructional improvement and student achievement. John Foster, project director of the CTEDDI professional development model, discussed these two projects and results from pilot and field studies. Filmed at ACTE 2012, St. Louis, MO.

The NRCCTE has access to the data obtained from several of the surveys that the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) regularly collects. Two of which - High School Transcripts Study (HSTS) and the Education Longitudinal Study (ELS) -- have been used to build and verify a new CTE taxonomy that relates secondary courses and postsecondary programs to occupational areas. The new taxonomy allows the Center to report more effectively on the engagement, achievement and transition of CTE secondary and postsecondary students.

The NRCCTE has several research studies designed to examine how states and local school districts are addressing the challenges of POS. This video provides the latest findings from five separate studies currently being conducted in a dozen states.

The NRCCTE has conducted three research studies in CTE-academics integration: Math-in-CTE; Authentic Literacy-in-CTE; and most recently, Science-in-CTE. This video addresses the outcomes of these studies and learn more about the practical aspects of implementing curriculum integration models.

One important way CTE is focusing on education reform is through attention to data-driven instructional techniques for improving and focusing instruction on what matters most. In the 2011-2012 school year, the NRCCTE will offer CTEDDI (Career and Technical Educators using Data-Driven Improvements) to states as a technical assistance option.