With travel budgets tight, it’s not always possible for administrators, educators, and others seeking evidence-based solutions to the problems confronting CTE today to attend conferences and other in-person events. The NRCCTE regularly holds webinars that allow CTE stakeholders from across the country and the world to learn about the results of its research and the experiences of those engaged in its professional development activities.


The NRCCTE and OVAE are hosting series of webinars based on the findings from the White House Summit on Community Colleges, the Regional Summits that followed, and the Virtual Symposium on Community Colleges. This third webinar in the series highlighted how community colleges, adult education, workforce and industry partners and others are well-positioned to promote college and career readiness through the development and implementation of career pathway bridge programs.

Center Director Dr. Jim Stone and a distinguished panel of experts presented a timely seminar and simultaneous webinar event on "The Career Side of College and Career Ready" at ACTE's 2011 National Policy Seminar, March 8, 2011, at the Crystal Gateway Marriott, Arlington, VA.

What makes for a successful implementation of Programs of Study? The NRCCTE visited the Career Center, Omaha Public Schools (OPS), and talked to staff from the Career Center and the OPS Department of Career Education to find out. OPS has streamlined its CTE programs through curriculum audits that have allowed it to focus its resources on providing quality programs of study that include rigorous academic and technical content, dual enrollment opportunities, postsecondary articulation, and rich practical applications of knowledge and skills learned in CTE classrooms.

The NRCCTE visited Los Angeles Trade-Tech College (LATTC) to learn more about its groundbreaking green workforce education programs, commitment to serving the needs of the local community, and partnerships with business and industry. We spoke to administrators, faculty, and students and visited programs in construction technology, alternative fuels, electrical and solar, and architecture.

Participants in the NRCCTE’s video about POS in Brevard Public Schools (BPS) discussed the development of POS in BPS and answered questions about the Brevard experience during a one-hour live webinar held on Thursday, May 6, 2010.