Field Test Update: Alternative Licensure CTE Teacher Induction Model

Field Test Update: Alternative Licensure CTE Teacher Induction Model

Mar 2011

A Podcast with Heather Sass

CTE teachers who are well trained and supported in entering the teaching profession are more likely to remain in the field and build their teaching skills over time, resulting in a better trained teaching force. In partnership with the NRCCTE, the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) is developing an induction model for new CTE teachers pursuing an alternative route to certification that will increase their competence, self-efficacy, and retention. The model builds the capacity of beginning CTE teachers to offer instruction that is intellectually demanding and standards-focused and thus more likely to improve CTE students' academic achievement. The model also builds CTE teachers' capacity to design instruction that is actively engaging using strategies such as project-based learning and cooperative learning. Students who are actively engaged intellectually and emotionally in their high school courses are more likely to stay in school, acquire high school diplomas in four years, and enter postsecondary institutions without the need for remediation.

This year, the field test of the full induction model began with a summer institute in which 10 days of teacher training were delivered in Oklahoma to a group of 10 CTE teachers. The training combined content from the model's four modules: instructional planning, instructional strategies, assessment, and classroom management. Training is also being provided to the administrators and mentor teachers of the teacher-participants. Over the remainder of this year, the field test will continue with three, 2-day professional development sessions during the school year, a second summer institute in June 2011, coaching from the professional development instructor, support from the administrators and mentors at the school site, monthly webinars, and an interactive program website.

Heather Sass of SREB spoke to Catherine Imperatore of ACTE about how the field test is progressing.