Follow-up to the National Crosswalk Validation Meeting

Follow-up to the National Crosswalk Validation Meeting

Jul 2011

A Podcast about CTE Accountability Issues

Many of those working in the field of career and technical education (CTE) have continuously grappled with the need for a uniformly global set of information-a national-level database or, at minimum, a common, standardized set of definitions and measures-to meet CTE's multiple needs, including accountability and evaluation, career guidance, and program improvement.

NRCCTE Deputy Director Pradeep Kotamraju and a workgroup consisting of researchers, data experts, and policymakers have been regularly meeting to work on the NRCCTE's Perkins Crosswalk Validation Project, an evolving multi-state, multi-institutional collaborative effort seeking (1) greater consistency and clarity in Perkins secondary and postsecondary data collection and reporting, (2) a common data crosswalk that links occupations to educational programs, career clusters, and career pathways, and (3) a foundation for more standardized accountability requirements in later iterations of the Perkins legislation.

As part of this project, Dr. Kotamraju and others in the workgroup met in July 2011 to further discuss how to establish linkages between educational programs and occupations in such a way as to make it easier for states, districts, and local education agencies to better meet Perkins accountability requirements.

After the meeting, Dr. Kotamraju sat down to talk about the current state of the project with his colleagues Sharon Enright (Ohio Department of Education), Kathy Wilkins (Montana University System), Melvin D'Souza (Delaware Department of Education), and Glenna Zollinger-Russell (Michigan).