Programs of Study Year 3 Joint Technical Report

Programs of Study Year 3 Joint Technical Report

Jun 2011

A Podcast with Morgan Lewis

The NRCCTE is preparing to launch a new joint report containing the most recent results from its four field-based studies of Programs of Study (POS). Morgan Lewis, co-author of the Center's 2008 literature review on POS, lent his expertise to this report by synthesizing findings from each of these studies.

To provide some background for this podcast and the report, POS were the most significant new requirement in the 2006 reauthorization of Perkins IV, which established as one of its priorities the development of information on the operation and effectiveness of these programs. In response, the NRCCTE undertook four research projects intended to examine POS from different perspectives. Three on-going projects are longitudinal studies that use some common data collection methods and some that are specific to their research questions. The fourth project, now concluded, used case study methods to describe how six states were implementing POS during the first half of 2010, four years after POS became part of the federal legislation.

Dr. Lewis talked to ACTE's Catherine Imperatore about each study and some of the findings they shared in common.