The Crosswalk Validation Project: Final Report

The Crosswalk Validation Project: Final Report

Oct 2012


Pradeep Kotamraju

Bruce Steuernagel


Many of those working in the field of CTE have continuously grappled with the need for a uniformly global set of information--a national-level database or, at minimum, a common, standardized set of definitions and measures--to meet CTE's multiple needs, including accountability and evaluation, career guidance, and program improvement.

The NRCCTE's Perkins Crosswalk Validation Project was a multi-state, multi-institutional collaborative effort led by the NRCCTE and the NASDCTEc that sought (1) greater consistency and clarity in Perkins secondary and postsecondary data collection and reporting, (2) a common data crosswalk that links occupations to educational programs, career clusters, and career pathways, and (3) a foundation for more standardized accountability requirements in later iterations of the Perkins legislation.

In this final report, the project's co-authors describe the process by which they developed a set of revised Perkins crosswalk tables that connect Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) codes, Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes, Career Clusters, and Career Pathways. These revised crosswalks have created a foundation for more standardized accountability requirements, a key focus for how future Perkins legislation needs to be built.

Read more about the project and download revised Perkins tables on the Crosswalk Validation project page.

Kotamraju, P., & Steuernagel, B. (2012, October). The crosswalk validation project: Final report. Louisville, KY: National Research Center for Career and Technical Education, University of Louisville.