Reforming Career and Technical Education Teacher Licensure and Preparation: A Public Policy Synthesis

Reforming Career and Technical Education Teacher Licensure and Preparation: A Public Policy Synthesis

Jan 2001


Kenneth C. Gray
Richard A. Walter


The preservice licensure and preparation of career and technical education (CTE) teachers was examined to determine whether changes in CTE teacher licensure requirements are necessary. Two overarching missions of CTE were identified. The first was traditional/tech prep (leading to employment). The second was a more general combination of education through occupations, work/family/community/technology, and tech prep (leading to employment or further education). The analysis focused on the following issues: (1) the external policy context (general teacher education reform trends and issues; teacher shortages); (2) the internal policy context (state testing requirements; increased training credentials of technicians; transition to work and postsecondary education; work-based learning; integration of academic and vocational education; special needs students; CTE teacher shortages; declining numbers and consolidation of teacher education programs); (3) policy constraints (multiple programs; lack of consensus regarding mission; state teacher licensure regulations; CTE teacher shortages); (4) policy variables (acquiring and certifying occupational/technical/subject-matter knowledge, academic credentials; instructional design/pedagogy; general knowledge; and assessment). The analysis resulted in five variations of the mission of CTE programs in public schools, as well as policy recommendations for CTE state licensure regulations, recommendations for CTE teacher preparation reform, and additional recommendations regarding modifying state CTE licensure requirements and linking CTE licensure/preparation reform to federal funding.

Gray, K. C., & Walter, R. (2001). Reforming career and technical education teacher licensure and preparation: A public policy synthesis. St. Paul, MN: National Research Center for Career and Technical Education, University of Minnesota.