The Crosswalk Validation Project

Project Overview

Principal Investigators

Pradeep Kotamraju
Deputy Director
Bruce Steuernagel
Consultant, NASDCTEc

Many of those working in the field of CTE have continuously grappled with the need for a uniformly global set of information--a national-level database or, at minimum, a common, standardized set of definitions and measures--to meet CTE's multiple needs, including accountability and evaluation, career guidance, and program improvement.

The NRCCTE's Perkins Crosswalk Validation Project was a multi-state, multi-institutional collaborative effort led by the NRCCTE and the NASDCTEc seeking (1) greater consistency and clarity in Perkins secondary and postsecondary data collection and reporting, (2) a common data crosswalk that links occupations to educational programs, career clusters, and career pathways, and (3) a foundation for more standardized accountability requirements in later iterations of the Perkins legislation.

The original Perkins IV crosswalk tables are available from OVAE and the NASDCTEc.

Revised Perkins Crosswalk Tables:

Table 1 (Excel) (PDF) (revised 1/4/13)
Table 3 (Excel) (PDF) (revised 2/4/13)
Table 5 (Excel) (PDF)
Table 7 (Excel) (PDF)

Crosswalk Validation Project Final Report and Executive Summary

The Crosswalk Validation project has produced a final report and an executive summary describing the process by which project staff developed a set of revised Perkins crosswalk tables that connect Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) codes, Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes, Career Clusters, and Career Pathways. The revised Perkins crosswalks produced by the project (in Excel and PDF formats) can be accessed electronically here and on the NASDCTEc website.

Full Report:

Kotamraju, P., & Steuernagel, B. (2012, October). The crosswalk validation project: Final report. Louisville, KY: National Research Center for Career and Technical Education, University of Louisville. (revised 2/4/13)

Executive Summary:

Kotamraju, P., & Steuernagel, B. (2012, August). Crosswalk validation project: Executive summary. Louisville, KY: National Research Center for Career and Technical Education, University of Louisville.

NAPE Nontraditional Crosswalk

Building on the work of the national Crosswalk Validation Project, the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE) updated its designations of nontraditional CIP codes to reflect revisions made to the codes by the NCES in 2010. State and local education agencies have used NAPE’s Nontraditional Crosswalk since 2007 to collect data for the Perkins IV nontraditional core indicators. Still using 2006 employment data as the baseline to ensure consistent reporting during Perkins IV, NAPE identified the occupations that employ less than 25% of men and women. Then, using the new crosswalk produced by the Crosswalk Validation Project, NAPE mapped those occupations to the 2010 SOCs and 2010 CIPs. Rather than creating a separate nontraditional crosswalk, NAPE worked with the NRCCTE to add a column to the revised CIP-Cluster crosswalk to show the nontraditional designations. This new nontraditional crosswalk (Table 3 - available in Excel and PDF versions)  supersedes all previous versions of NAPE’s nontraditional crosswalk. This revised table is also available on NAPE's website.

NAPE Nontraditional Crosswalk Methodology:

National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity. (2013, January). NAPE methodology for updating nontraditional crosswalk to 2010 CIPS. Cochranville, PA: Author; and Louisville, KY: National Research Center for Career and Technical Education, University of Louisville. (revised file uploaded 2/4/13)