Vanguard Practices in CTE

Project Overview

Principal Investigators

Oscar A. Aliaga
Program Director

An important function of the NRCCTE is to help improve practice. Although the ideal is to base practice on scientifically based research, the reality is that little scientifically based research is available regarding educational practices. However, many other methods, activities, curricula, and even programs have lesser levels of evidence suggestive of their value. Still other practices have been created by practitioners in their own classrooms or schools and shared with others informally or through exchanges at professional meetings. Others employ novel approaches to CTE that may be untested but nonetheless show promise. Although their level of evidence varies, these educational practices attract attention because they are considered innovative. Vanguard practices, a type of innovative educational practice, may be thought of as unique teaching methodologies that have demonstrated success in high-performing schools and have been deemed capable of producing change with longer systemic impacts. To be deemed effective, such practices much be tested in research settings and generate published evidence in the scholarly literature. When actualized in daily use, changes attributed to vanguard practices can be shared, transferred, modeled, or replicated somewhere else.

This field-based study seeks to identify teaching methodologies that have a demonstrable impact on school and student outcomes.