Green Programs of Study: Los Angeles Trade-Tech College

Green Programs of Study: Los Angeles Trade-Tech College

Aug 2010

The NRCCTE visited Los Angeles Trade-Tech College (LATTC) to learn more about its groundbreaking green workforce education programs, commitment to serving the needs of the local community, and partnerships with business and industry. We spoke to administrators, faculty, and students and visited programs in construction technology, alternative fuels, electrical and solar, and architecture.

A two-part video on LATTC’s green programs is also available (Part 1, Part 2).

Paired with the two-part video was a webinar featuring LATTC administrators and faculty. LATTC personnel prepared a website related to their participation in this webinar that describes the programs visited and faculty and administrators interviewed. Contact information for each participant is included.

Note: If you have difficulty playing back this archived file, we recommend moving the cursor forward to skip over the short embedded video clip. The period to skip runs from about 19:30 to 21:08.